If you are looking for a night of fun to end the week or something spontaneous to do after work, head on over to the nearest pub quiz. A night of challenging questions, tasty cocktails, fun with your mates and the potential to win great prizes is what you can look forward to. If you’re new to the pub quiz scene… don’t worry! We have found some of the most fun pub quizzes around Leeds for you to check out… 

Water Lane Boathouse 

If you want a bit of excitement to make Mondays more bearable, head on over to Water Lane Boathouse for their quiz every Monday at 7pm. Bring along your smartest friends to help solve their puzzling cryptic round whilst sharing a tasty team pizza. There are loads of different questions to tackle and if you get enough right to win, there’s a cash rollover you can take home. Or splash your winnings on some 2 for £12 cocktails that include the delicious fruity boy, white chocolate Russian, negroni spagliato and even more. 

Canary Bar 

Located on Leeds Dock is the Canary Bar, where you can enjoy lovely waterside views with great drinks, food and some quizzing fun. Every Wednesday night at 7:30pm is the interactive quiz full of fun. There are prizes to be won so make sure to bring along your best quizmates to ensure a win. If you want to grab some bargain drink deals, show up a bit earlier to take advantage of their 4pm – 6pm after work social for special priced pints and spirits, 2 for £12 cocktails, and a bottle of prosecco for only £25. 

Headrow House 

After work head on over to Headrow House for their free weekly quiz held every Tuesday at 6:30pm. You can have up to 6 people per team so make sure to choose your teammates carefully and get ready to win some awesome prizes. The prizes up for grabs include shots, cinema tickets, cash, gig tickets and much more. Make sure to book your spot in advance so you don’t miss out on the fun. 

Crowd of Favours 

In the heart of Leeds you can find Crowd of Favours where you have fun at a quiz night every Sunday evening at 7:30pm. Book your table ahead of time to ensure you and your teammates a spot so you can beat the quiz and enjoy the £30 bar tab prize. Spend the tab on the tasty cocktails on their menu including chocolate martinis, margaritas and more for only £9.45 each. 

Holmfirth Tavern 

Visit Holmfirth Tavern, found along Norridge Bottom, every Tuesday night for their weekly quiz. The rustic setting and relaxing atmosphere makes it a pub quiz location like no other. Enjoy some food whilst you dominate the quiz with a menu full of delicious burgers, wings, grilled cheese sandwiches and more. If you’re successful and beat everyone else to number one, treat yourself to something sweet with a desserts menu full of cheesecakes, brownies and sundaes. 

Green Room

Every Monday evening at 6:30pm is the exciting weekly quiz at the Green Room, right in the centre of Leeds. Walk-ins only so don’t worry about booking in advance but make sure you get there early so you don’t miss out. The prize is a £50 bar tab that you can spend on all the delicious goodies at the Green Room, so make sure you pick the best of the best from your friends to secure your win. 

Images: @crowdofavours @holmfirth_tavern @canary.bar