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We seamlessly connect everyone in cities and towns to discover and find their local favourites. Whether you're a customer or a business our job is to help you get the most out of here by exploring Yorkshire through our city hubs in Leeds, York and Yorkshire. We look forward to helping you find what you're looking for!
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Festivals In and Around Leeds

This summer Leeds is bustling with a wide range of exciting festivals! From music and comedy to food and drink, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Here are a few festivals that we can’t wait to attend this summer:

Discover Yorkshire with Us


Come with us to discover Yorkshire from the major cities of Leeds and York. To make it easy to navigate, we have split the county into two halves, exploring the west from Leeds and the east from York. Scroll down to the choose the area you'd like to visit, and use the map to explore.

From exciting local independents and hidden gems to renowned landmarks and features on what to do, we share the best local experiences in each Yorkshire area. Our unique approach has been shaped over 10 years so that we can give people the inside information that inspires everyone to explore the very best of what this great county has to offer.

Pizza Freak was born during the lock down of 2020 out of a desire to provide Leeds with true NYC Style Pizza in their own homes. We can’t wait to welcome you to our own dine in and take out restaurant located on Kirkstall Road.

372 Kirkstall Rd, Burley, Leeds LS4 2HQ
0113 824 5977

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