Leeds is home to a rich food industry with cuisines from all over the globe, readily and easily accessible for everyone to enjoy and experience. Lunchtime has never been better with exciting new restaurants popping up all over Leeds every day with lunch menus and deals that are too good to resist. Explore new flavours with these amazing food spots in the centre of Leeds…

Don’t Feed The Dog in Roland’s on Call Lane

If a satisfying New York style sandwich is all that’s on your mind as lunch hour hits, head
straight to Don’t Feed The Dog found in Roland’s on Call Lane to fulfil that craving. With a menu that changes bi-weekly, you will always find a sandwich that you’ll love and get to explore new flavours with every menu change. Currently on their menu you can enjoy a mouthwatering Deli Bugle filled with Italian cured meats, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers and other tasty toppings, or you can indulge in their Grilled V’s sandwich with vegan cheese, chilli onion jam, and vegan mayo. Brunch has also recently been introduced to their menu which is perfect for
those early lunch, late breakfast days.

Banh & Mee in Kirkgate Market

Transport your taste buds across the world and indulge in some authentic Vietnamese cuisine
on your lunch break. Found in the heart of the city centre in the iconic Kirkgate Market, it’s a great and easy to find spot to stop by. You are spoilt for choice with a wide variety of Pho options available, including veggie and vegan Pho, as well as Banh Mi with a twist that comes with Banh & Mee’s own Banh Mi fries. Their delicious BBQ pork and fried chicken is popular amongst customers, as well as their summer rolls which are perfect to grab and go when you’re in a rush.

Little Bao Boy

Enjoy fresh, handmade traditional bao buns with a western twist and tasty fillings at Little Bao Boy. On the menu there are seven different bao buns with fillings ranging from braised beef and pulled pork, to crispy tofu and vegan prawn all costing £5 each. If you fancy more than one bao bun to satisfy your hunger, you can buy any two for only £8.50. Miso noodle soup and beef broth and pork noodle soup are available for £5.50 each if you fancy a dish that will warm you up from the inside, as well as sides ranging from £3 to £7.

Meat Stack

Treat yourself to a juicy and delicious feast with Meat Stacks real American cheeseburgers. The menu is full of American inspired cheeseburgers smothered in a range of mouthwatering toppings such as the New Mexico burger with grilled jalapenos, soft cheese, streaky bacon and stack sauce and the Hot Hot Honey burger with mascarpone, house green relish, a hash brown and hot honey sauce. Upgrade your meal for £3.50 extra to add fries and a refillable soda, or go all-in for an additional £9 to add fries, a shake, chicken tenders and a house dipper.

Rola Wala in Trinity Kitchen

Located in Trinity Kitchen in the heart of Leeds city centre is Rola Wala, an amazing location to relax and enjoy some good food during your lunch break from work or running errands in the city. Rola Wala is famous for their delicious garlic naan rolls with a range of fillings including chicken tikka, sweet potato saag, chickpea masala and much more. Lunch saver deals are available with the deal for one costing £9.95 which includes a naan roll or rice bowl with a freshly baked cookie or naan and a soft drink. The deal for two costs £19,95 and includes two naan rolls or rice bowls, a freshly baked cookie or naan and a soft drink.

Mans Market

Escape the office and indulge in a lunchtime bargain with Mans Market’s lunchtime meal deal.
Meal deal 1 starts from £10 and includes an option of five dishes with a side of steamed rice, noodles, or egg fried rice and a drink. Meal deal 2 starts from £11.50 and it includes two bao buns with four different filling options, a choice of chips or salt and pepper chips, and a drink. If you’re feeling extra hungry, you can add a dim sum plate to your meal deal for £3.50 extra as well as being able to add an additional drink to your meal deal for between £1 and £5 extra
depending on the drink.

Falafel Guys

Experience the flavours of the Middle East right in the centre of Leeds with Falafel Guys,
located along Briggate in their eye-catching red van. Their delicious golden falafel is made fresh in front of customers everyday and is completely vegan. Choose one of their bundle deals to enjoy during your lunch break such as their combo meal costing only £13.50 for either a wrap or salad bowl with one premium side, or their halloumi fries bundle loaded with special donner for only £13.

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