Tucked away in an unassuming basement near Leeds Arena Quarter, Teppanyaki is a real hidden gem. Step down into this Japanese restaurant’s inviting interior and you’ll be treated to a showstopping dining experience as all of your food is prepared before your eyes on a scorching hotplate. Your own personal chef for the evening will provide thrilling entertainment as they expertly slice, dice and conjure up towering flames – this is cooking at its most theatrical and it’s great fun for those who can handle the heat.

Teppanyaki first opened its doors in 1993 and the talented team here have now been cooking up a storm for more than 30 years. The art of teppanyaki itself, however, isn’t quite as old as you might imagine. In fact, it only dates back to 1945, when it was created by the Misono steak restaurant in Kobe. Japanese families had been cooking on grills in their homes for many years but, looking to make their offering unique, Misono’s chefs decided to start frying Western-influenced food on a large ‘teppan’ – or metal grill – in front of their customers. They did so with flair, performing tricks like the famous ‘flaming onion volcano’, which can still be seen in Leeds today. This went down particularly well with American GIs stationed in the country and they took the exciting cookery style home with them, starting a trend that eventually spread around the world.

Visit Teppanyaki in Leeds and you’ll find options to suit all tastes and dietary preferences, from budget-friendly set menus to chilled sushi and sashimi. If you’re going à la carte, you can start your Teppanyaki experience with delicious dishes like Tori Namban Suki (chicken wing lollipops in Japanese vinegar) or Takoyaki (octopus balls drizzled with mayo, tonkatsu sauce, seaweed and bonito flakes). You can then move on to your choice of meat, whether that’s chicken, beef, teriyaki duck or lobster tail, or a vegetarian alternative like tofu. These are all cooked on the hotplate and served with fresh vegetables. The perfect accompaniment may be warm sake, which you’ll find on the menu here. Alternatively, you can make the occasion even more special with cocktails. A meal at Teppanyaki promises to be a night out like no other – it’s time to discover it for yourself.