As the saying goes, a dog is a man’s best friend. And, as the saying doesn’t go, a pub is a man’s best place. So, what better combination can there be than dogs and pubs?

In Leeds, there are lots of dog-friendly pubs, and whilst a walk in the Yorkshire countryside will inevitably lead to one of many, you needn’t leave the city centre to find a place welcoming of you and your canine friend. Here’s where to go to see a man about a dog.

Doghouse Bar and Bagel Shop

I mean, come on, where else are we going to start? It’s called Doghouse, and it is indeed a house for dogs, with their own resident boxer dogs here. The laid back vibe and all day opening makes it a relaxing atmosphere for dog guests too, and for humans it’s the only doghouse you’ll want to stay in. Over three floors of this characterful Kirkgate building are records, real ale, coffee and bagels, all of high quality and unique personality, to be enjoyed by every man and his dog.


For a dog-friendly pub crawl, head next door on Kirkgate to Wapentake. This all-day cafe bar celebrates all things Yorkshire, including local food, drink, art and music. It’s cosy and quirky and inclusive, as they so perfectly put it in their Yorkshire tongue: ‘We are grumpy old man, child and dog friendly.’

Water Lane Boathouse

On the scenic Canal Wharf, Water Lane Boathouse is a perfect spot for a relaxing visit, inside or out, daytime or night. Perhaps a morning dog walk followed by hair of the dog by the riverside, or maybe a pizza and a pint in the spacious interior, which dogs can lounge out in. Either way, the venue shows its puppy love is real, with their very own Instagram account ‘Water Lane Doghouse’.

Nation of Shopkeepers

This popular bar is a fine place to take a dog, for its spacious indoor seating and its large outdoor courtyard. Whether lapping up the sun outside or lapping up the water bowl in, your dog will be as comfortable as you. Order yourself a beer and a burger, sit back and let sleeping dogs lie.


In the middle of Leeds’ lively Call Lane is a neighbourhood bar which stands out for its understated charm amongst some attention grabbing neighbours. This underdog has become a firm favourite, attracting folk for its laid back vibes, quality drinks and friendly service, which extends to our dog friends too. A quiet success that proves every dog has its day.

Whitelock’s Ale House

Leeds’ oldest pub goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Having opened over 300 years ago, any concern that it had gone to the dogs were removed by a handsome revival in the last decade, which both showcases Whitelock’s traditional charms and makes it a thriving favourite once more. It feels only right that dogs are still invited in too, and as you tuck into a pint or a pie, you’ll both be like a dog with two tails.

Calls Landing Stew & Oyster

Stew & Oyster have an equally dog-friendly venue in Oakwood, but when in the city centre their Calls Landing site is quite a find. The striking exterior leads to a wonderful riverside beer garden, perfect for dogs to explore and humans to soak up the sun. But even if it’s raining cats and dogs, then take comfort with a stew in the snug inside; it’s the dog’s b*ll*cks.

Images: Whitelocks Ale House, Doghouse, Water Lane Boathouse, Roland’s