Have you given up caffeine as a part of your New Year’s resolution? Or are you looking for a tasty, hot alternative to the regular coffees and teas? Then you need to get on the hot chocolate train! Nothing beats a warm, chocolatey drink, especially in the cold, miserval British winter weather.

Luckily for you there are plenty of places to find delicious and unique hot chocolates around Leeds. We have found a few of the best places for you to go give a try…

Archive is a coffee house, eatery and events space located along Kirkstall road in Leed City Centre. Here you can find decadent and specialty hot chocolate like no other! Not only can you enjoy a classic milk chocolate hot chocolate, you can also indulge in a rich dark chocolate hot chocolate. And if you’re looking to spice up your life, why not give their exciting chilly hot chocolate a try? Each of their specialty hot chocolates are only £3.25 each making it a more affordable option if you’re being careful with your budget!

Take yourself to chocolate heaven by visiting Cup + Lid located along the Headrow in the heart of the city. Here you can find a wide selection of chocolate drinks made from chocolate buttons and pieces. Not only do they create delicious hot chocolate drinks, they also have iced chocolate and milkshake options. At Cup + Lid you are spoilt for choice when it comes to hot chocolates, with a variety of unique types of chocolate including Belgian white chocolate, Ecuadorean chocolate with a fudge finish, 75% chocolate from St. Vincent with a nutty and fruity balance, and much more! Here you can find the perfect hot chocolate no matter your chocolate preferences!

Since 2017, Stage Coffee has been passionately serving top quality coffee to the people of Leeds. But there is much more than just coffee on their menu. On their menu you can also find three mouthwatering hot chocolates with the option of a Mörk 50% hot chocolate, a Mörk 75% hot chocolate and even a white hot chocolate. These hot chocolates are the perfect new try for every hot chocolate enthusiast out there! Prices range between £3.10 and £3.20. If you’re looking for a new spot to visit, why not give Stage Coffee a try?

If you’re looking for a new coffee shop that offers something different, the Milanese cafe La Bottega may be their perfect new spot for you in Leeds. Not only do they offer tasty Milanese snack foods and patisserie, they also offer a legendary hot chocolate. This traditional Milanese hot chocolate is made with 100% cacao and is deliciously thick and creamy. If you want to try a new hot chocolate that will blow your mind, this legendary drink is a must for you!

Enjoy a hot chocolate with a view along the Granary Wharf at Out of the Woods. This cozy and friendly location is perfect if you love to people watch, or if you love creative, healthy food and delicious drinks. Here you can enjoy lunch, breakfast and coffee or even just a cheeky hot chocolate! On their menu you can find a rich, velvety 8oz Blendsmith hot chocolate for only £3.45! If you want to enjoy a hot chocolate with a view, Out of the Woods in Granary Wharf is the place for you.

Cha Lounge is another great independent in the heart of the city that serves up a tasty hot chocolate. Located along Dock Street, Cha Lounge has a wide selection of offerings including breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, curry nights and much more! But their hot chocolates are a must try! With three options on the menu, you can find a hot chocolate your tastebuds will love. Hot chocolate includes a classic cocoa, an organic cacao and an organic cacao with maple syrup and maldon sea salt. Prices range between £3.20 and £4.20 so there is an option for lol budgets! Cha Lounge is perfect if you want to sit in their atmospheric cafe, or you can take it to go and take a relaxing stroll along the river!

Images- @archiveleeds, @cuppluslid, @labottegamilanese