Sekkle is run by two local lads Dowdy and Sam, both born and bred in Leeds. We set up 3 years ago this summer as a vintage designer and streetwear company, but unlike other vintage companies we specialise in trends that were popular in the late 90s/early 2000s garage and grime scene.

When I first started I originally ran it out of my mums bedroom. It’s grown massively over that time and now we’ve got our own headquarters and studio space in town. Through pushing the company and hard work we’ve achieved things I never thought I could’ve achieved in life, especially at 23. I’ve got to meet and work with some of my idols and our favourite music artists such as Skepta, Aitch, Jammer, Unknown T and Digga D. The biggest pro is being able to make a living off my passion and something that I love, it’s definitely a dream come true.

There were a few inspirations to start our business, one of the main ones being ‘Wavey Garms’ a company based in London that started off selling vintage designer but now focus on raves and events. Too Hot Limited were also a big inspiration. A lot of our inspiration comes from sellers and business in other cities so we thought why don’t we bring that to Leeds and show the world what we can do.

We specialise in brands such as Avirex, Iceberg, Stone island, Akademiks, Stussy and Evisu, and we’ve worked with brands like Urban Outfitters and a lot of local Leeds creatives and music artists such as Northaze, Curbside and Steezy. We’re planning on doing more independent Leeds events with local talent – a lot of the pop ups and opportunities we get are outside of Leeds and we want to change that. Leeds is sometimes a hard city to grow in but over the years it’s getting easier with how Leeds is evolving and how big our student population is; it’s definitely something that business can strive off.

Currently we’re working on our new collection which will be a vintage Stussy. We’ve got 70 pieces ready for it, every item I’ve found is extremely rare and one off. I look for stock on a daily for usually around 4 to 5 hours as well as sorting through new items and planning photoshoots. We’re currently planning a big Leeds pop up and event – renting a space for 4 to 5 days selling some of the best pieces we can find for you lot. Also we’ve got a few of our own T-shirts and accessories we’re working on.

I feel the fashion industry is very strong at the moment, there’s a lot of really good brands out and fashion retailers especially in Leeds. Tomorrow and Welcome being my two favourite in town. Another I’m liking from the UK is a brand called Clints & Dramacall. The fast fashion industry is always going to be a thing because it’s affordable, but the vintage market is probably the best it’s ever been, over the past few years I personally feel it’s a leading scene in the fashion industry. It’s definitely the future.

Images: Sekkle