The simple delights of the pizza is one of life’s true joys. From the origins of flour, water, salt and yeast, whole cultures have been created and spread across the world in an array of different toppings. In Naples and New York, in London and in Leeds, the humble pizza has become the people’s favourite food. So, we took the selfless task of stuffing our faces at five of the best pizza eateries that Leeds has to offer to bring you this list of amazing places below. Well, someone had to do it.

Simpatico – In the attractive Queens Arcade, you’ll find a unique pizza place offering the good stuff for all occasions. Simpatico has brought authentic Rome techniques to Leeds, and mixes the two cultures beautifully; upon the genuine Roman Pizza al Taglio are a choice of Italian classics or local toppings, including ‘The Full English’ and ‘The Yorkshire Pudding’. You can grab a slice to takeout, or enjoy a couple with a coffee for lunch in their casual cool setting; or how about sampling it all on a Saturday, when ‘bottomless brunch’ is served 4pm-6pm as unlimited pizza, prosecco, Peroni and more!

Pizza Punks – Already a favourite in Glasgow, Belfast and Newcastle, Pizza Punks are quickly gaining the same popularity in Leeds since arriving in the city centre last year. Their name evokes their attitude, with ‘punk vibes’, ‘kick-ass playlists’ and ‘hell-yeah hospitality’, and beyond the anarchy, the pizza is prioritised. Influenced by the traditions of Italy and America, Pizza Punks take the best of Neapolitan and add San Francisco sourdough from Boudin Bakery, famed as the best in the business. You can top it off with either their trusted menu or by choosing your own unlimited additions of fine ingredients. Punk it up.

Pizza Fella – Sometimes the original is the best, and when it comes to pizza many agree that its Naples origins remain unbeatable. Pizza Fella certainly support this argument by serving up proper wood fired Neapolitan pizza, topped with San Marzano tomatoes and Fior di Latte cheese. With such a classic approach, you can’t go wrong with a margherita, only a fiver for a weekday lunch, although their toppings are equally expert for an evening visit, from the buffalo mozzarella to the nduja di spilinga to the chargrilled zucchini. Yum.

Grumpy’s – Out in Farsley, the fabulous Sunny Bank Mills is a cultural and commercial hub for the community which has many reasons to visit and explore. None more so than Grumpy’s bar and wood fired pizza, a truly welcoming place for all, with a good heart and an awesome pizza. The fun extends to the menu, where pizzas are named Phil and Sally and Mildred and Walt; but the food is serious stuff, whether chowing down on the meaty Simon or on the vegan Greta, you’re sure to have a good time and a great pizza here.

Harpo’s – Founded in 1978, Harpo’s lays claim to being Leeds’ first pizzeria, and the city sure was lucky to have such a masterful introduction. After decades establishing itself as a Headingley legend, Harpo’s relocated to Roundhay and have more recently also opened in Burley. Their ethos and quality remains the same all of these years later, still serving incredible takeaway pizzas with handmade dough and delicious toppings. Go!

Images: Pizza Fella, Simpatico Pizza, Grumpy’s Pizza