Eco-friendly refill stations are on the rise, and rightly so! Many shops are determined to reduce single-use plastic packaging in order to help the environment as best we can. If you have an empty bottle, grab it and bring it to one of these refill stations, you may even save yourself some money!


Leeds and Harrogate Refill Stations

Leeds centre and its surrounding areas has a lot of refill stores to offer. Starting with Panda Refills (city centre). Panda Refills has amazing reviews, proving their reliability and likability from the perspectives of regular customers. They sell all typical reusable goods, dry foods and even refillable antiperspirants. Out Of This World is also a great shop (also city centre based) to consider if you live in Leeds. Supplies from Out Of This World consist of organic fruits and vegetables, plant based milks, a deli and bakery counter, and so much more! Stop by New Market Street if you can be tempted by a vegan brownie. Surrounding areas of Leeds City Centre also have refill centres, leaving very few excuses for people slightly outside the centre to avoid them!Leeds Refills is great for people living near/in Hyde park, or Tandem in Meanwood is also a great shout! This refill station stands out due to its interest in art, lifestyle stores and coffee houses. Tandem wants to create a relaxed and cosy space for anyone to wind down with a coffee, take a look at the gallery and stock up on essentials. To top it all off, they’re dog friendly!


At 176 Harrogate Road, Leeds The Refilling Station stocks household supplies, personal care supplies and pantry supplies. Their household supplies consist of things like washing-up liquid and cleaning cloths. Their personal care items are shampoo, period and skin care products etc., and finally their pantry selection stocks loose, dry foods including lentils, herbs, spices and more! If any of their stock appeals to you, head down to their Leeds or Harrogate branch! Also in Harrogate is JarFull, who buy in bulk. Most of their food arrives in paper sacks which are decanted into their gravity dispensers. JarFull also reuse delivery packaging for customers orders, and also turn cardboard into price labels for around the shop. In addition to the above, JarFull chooses organic fruit and veg weekly, based on seasonality and locality, assuring the smallest possible amount of food is wasted.

Horsforth, Halifax and Pontefract Refill Stations

The word ‘Muda’ is Japanese for wastefulness, which is something Zero Muda wants none of. This Horsforth small business offers organic dried foods, along with oils, vinegars, wines and household and beauty products. Just Gaia (Halifax) is also a great refill station to stop by at if you live nearby. This family run, zero waste and plastic-free shop will ensure that all customers have the perfect fresh food, homeware and more. Just without the guilt of supermarket waste! Similarly, Refill & More (Pontefract) is a refill station providing people with cruelty free products, as well as vegan and gluten free ranges. Refill & More want to use local businesses and suppliers whenever they can in order to involve the local community wherever possible.

If you happen to live in Huddersfield, or Otley don’t worry! We still have places for you to go…

Zero Yorkshire is Huddersfield’s first zero waste shop! This refill station has recently created loyalty cards, meaning when you spend five pounds, you receive a stamp. Get ten stamps and you will get five pounds off your shop, meaning not only are you shopping sustainably, but you are saving money. At Otley, you will find Like Nana Did! Offering a refillable skincare range by Minimal as well as refillable bathroom products, this shop is embraced by Otley’s community. Like Nana Did believes that zero waste shopping doesn’t have to cost the earth, therefore, making their store affordable as well as sustainable!