On Sunday 20th June 2021 it is Father’s Day. The annual event of dad is often a more forgotten occasion than the nation’s most popular celebrations, but if ever there was a year to change that, the time is now. 

After Father’s Day 2020, when lockdown was yet to be lifted and many spent it distant and separated, this year gives a chance to meet and appreciate. And what better way is there to show the love than by buying stuff! 

Well, Leeds has plenty of places to get those presents from, and with a bit of forethought you can pick up something better than that last minute petrol station card. Of course, the stereotypical Father’s Day gifts assume dad likes football and beer, and that’s all here, but there are also ideas for those looking for something a little different…

Cards and Gifts

However you do or don’t celebrate Father’s Day, surely a card is the least we can do. To go beyond the generic card chains, there are some fabulous independents adding that personal touch. In town, Our Handmade Collective always has a joyous collection of cards and gifts, from cufflinks to prints, by local makers. In Chapel Allerton, Chirpy is a contemporary gift and card shop with some stylish and fun Father’s Day creations. And in Meanwood, Flavour Like Fancy have an equally cool mix of unique cards, gifts, homeware and more by talented makers, including some fab Father’s Day specials.

Going Local

You can’t go wrong by getting a Yorkshire father some local pride. To pick up a piece of God’s Own Count(r)y, head to The Great Yorkshire Shop, where you’ll find a reet choice of northern goodness, from ‘Ay Up’ mugs to traditional foods, plus a grand Father’s Day range. Or visit The Yorkshire Soap Co., who have speciality selections of novelty soaps and serious hampers; from their ‘Yorkshire Lad’ to their ‘Cheers Dad’!

Food Glorious Food

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Whilst that saying may not have been intended as advice for sons and daughters, it sure comes in handy when buying for Father’s Day. Amongst the many magnificent Leeds foodie options, how about a gift bag of cheese, chutneys and crackers from local cheesemongers George & Joseph? Or perhaps get his tongue burning with a red hot bottle; The Chilli Shop packs a punch with hot sauces, including Father’s Day themed challenges, that any spice lover will adore. 

Rad Dad 

Whilst it may be unavoidable for every dad to not embarrass their child in some way, it is possible to maintain a style in fatherhood. For those rad dads out there, Colours May Vary provide the perfect presents, with a carefully selected stock of design-led books, magazines, cards and more. Elsewhere, even the traditional football following fathers can receive an artistic gift now, as the rejuvenated Leeds United spawn a plethora of fan crafted items, notably Clock Tower Studios Bielsa card and Burley Banksy art prints. 

Beer and Booze

Cliches are usually cliches for good reason. For the one about dads enjoying beer, whilst there are many exceptions, millions of guzzling fathers continue to prove the rule. So, top of the Father’s Day visits must be Little Leeds Beerhouse, who along with other awesome craft beer purveyors such as Raynville Superstore in Armley, are keeping the city’s fathers refreshed with quality ale. But if wine or spirits are more his thing, pick up a fine bottle from expert merchants Latitude or Wayward Wines

Images: Little Leeds Beerhouse, Flavour Like Fancy, The Great Yorkshire Shop, The Chilli Shop, Wayward Wines