As the craft beer scene has risen in quantity and quality, Leeds has grown an impressive array of excellent breweries; it takes something special to stand out in this brewing city. In 2019, one new brewery did just that with their unique story and distinctive beers. Now, the little set up that began Piglove Brewing Co. are planning a bigger future with a little help from their friends.

Having created a range of exceptional and eccentric brews in their short life, Piglove are now expanding to bring their brave beers to more mouths. To do so, the brewery are turning their two man operation into a small brew crew, who will help increase production, improve supply, and become fully self-sufficient. Which all means that us lucky Piglove drinkers get to enjoy it better, easier, and more often. With that in mind, here’s why we all might want to help.

The journey of Piglove travels from Venezuela to Leeds, fuelled by a passion for brewing. Marcos and Jesus met by chance in 2016, as two Venezuelan guys who happened to turn up in Leeds. It turned out they had more than their nationality in common, and the duo soon connected over a shared love of craft beer, and in particular an admiration for the heritage of Yorkshire brewing.

Three years later, after a mashing of strange coincidences, Piglove Brewing Co. was born. Named after the Venezuelan expression ‘cochino amor’, which describes a filthy and absurd love – like pigs in mud, and like Piglove in beer – this was a business approaching the brewing scene from a different and exciting angle.

With the idea to take the traditions of UK brewing and the best of the modern craft beer revolution, then push things forward into the flavours, aromas and styles of their Amazonian origins, they had the essence of something magical. Three months later, the pandemic hit. Three years later, not only did Piglove survive, it is time for Piglove to thrive.

Having created a range of beers that are uniquely theirs whilst also having mass appeal, and with an intimate taproom and ‘Piglove by the River’ to enjoy them fresh, the brewers are now ready to enter the next chapter of their story. To get them there, they are crowdfunding £15,000, and here’s where we all step in.

Beyond the pleasure of this campaign allowing us to enjoy more of their delicious beers, Piglove are also offering unbeatable rewards for donators. As well as membership cards, t-shirts and private parties, there are no-risk bar credits for 125% of the amount you donate! Your generosity is rewarded by their generosity.

To make this campaign a collective success before it ends on the 26th June, go to:

Images: @piglovebrewing