Leeds city centre’s oldest street has seen many changes across the centuries and in modern times. From the historic Minster and traditional Market to the vibrant bars and thriving restaurants, Kirkgate is a marvellous mix of Leeds’ past and present. And the newest change to this famous street is a welcome arrival that is bringing its own unique character and distinct colour: P A S T E L.

Since opening in March, this delightful bar has both settled into its new Leeds home and provided an escape to a place far far away. Started by friends John and Charles, both have lived in Leeds for most of their lives and were keen for the P A S T E L story to begin here. With a vision for a place unlike anything else in the city, this is a journey which takes us from the relaxed northern charm of Leeds to the feel good vibes of south side Miami.

Indeed, stepping through the external doors of this characterful Yorkshire building reveals an otherworldly joy inside.  Living up to its name, pastel colours surround, emitting a mood that is at once calmingly soothing and vibrantly fun. With their aesthetics and atmosphere, P A S T E L creates the sights and sounds, flavours and feelings, perfect for chilling in the daytime or revving into the night.

It is no surprise that P A S T E L has so comprehensively got the basics right whilst adding their own personality to Leeds. John and Charles have much experience and expertise in hospitality, gained in lauded and much-loved Yorkshire bars. They maintain a fresh approach that doesn’t take life too seriously but does take the service so, and are determined to reflect this little part of their big characters in this impressive bar.

All of which is yet to even mention the drinks. Here, we’re sipping proper cocktails and organic wines or supping draught beers. P A S T E L do the classics right, as showcased at their Monday Club when they offer a different delight for only a fiver. Or for something a little different, look out for the vending machine coming soon to the first floor where you’ll be able to pick up one of their house-made canned cocktails; another one-off reason for repeat visits.

And like the place itself, there are more inventive mixes which taste great and look lovely, often in their signature style of pastel pinks; try the refreshing P A S T E L Fizz, the fun Good Times Spritz, and the insane Curd Your Enthusiasm for a cute colourful match and a fab flavour clash. One too many and you might forget that outside are the streets of Leeds and not the beach of dreams.

Thinking of visiting? Click here to find out more about P A S T E L.