On the most northernly fringe of Leeds and the cusp of North Yorkshire, Wetherby is a small market town that packs a punch. It boasts panoramic views along with beautiful historic architecture, is a shopper’s paradise and can be the perfect stop off point for any country-walking dwellers. Wetherby sits proudly alongside Yorkshire’s famous river Wharfe, and its quaint charm can bring Leeds folk a million miles from the rush and tumble of city centre life. This award-winning market town encapsulates the essence of what we adore so much about our revered Yorkshire towns, and to top it off, it’s only a short journey away from Leeds.

Ask anyone in the know about Wetherby and one thing will spring to mind; the market days. Every Tuesday since 1240, the people of Wetherby have come together to trade food and essentials in the famous weekly farmers market (yes that’s over 800 years!). Still to this day you’ll find locally sourced produce from the town’s own farmers, fresh meat, eggs, bread, cakes and vegetables; everything you’d need without having to visit the supermarket. The friendly Yorkshire service is unrivalled across the nation and the prices are always reasonable.

Being just metres from the North Yorkshire border means there are scenic views a-plenty, with Wetherby being surrounded by beautiful rolling countryside and many picturesque walking routes. The famous golden river Wharfe runs directly through the heart of Wetherby and the bankside walks take you under a piece of historic Yorkshire architecture in Wetherby bridge. The ancient monument has taken the towns inhabitants from either side of the market town for over 700 years and has been granted grade 2 status!

The sign that greets you on entry to Wetherby tells you all you need to know about its beauty; ‘Welcome to Wetherby, award winning floral town’. Walking the streets of Wetherby is a blessing on account of just how meticulously well-kept the local parks and flower beds are. Thanks to the help of local contributors, volunteer groups and a council with an eye for detail, Wetherby is decorated with hanging baskets, seasonal flowers and evergreens galore; a real eye pleaser for visitors and locals alike.

Wetherby resides as a half-way house between Edinburgh and London, which means once upon a time it was the place weary travellers hoped to line their stomachs before the journey ahead. Luckily, we no longer have to travel by horse and cart, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to getting some tasty fodder in the many eateries of this market town. If it’s a taste of Asian cuisine you’re after, Mango serve up traditional Indian meals with an impressive mix of spice and flavour. With gluten free and vegan options available, they cater for all your dietary requirements whilst retaining the quality in their fresh home cooked meals. For more of a lighter bite, North St Deli boasts freshly made coffee and a scrumptious selection of cakes; perfect shopping fuel. It would be rude whilst visiting Wetherby not to sample their famous fish and chips from the local Wetherby Whaler – do believe the hype!

Shopping in Wetherby is never a chore. Being a compact market town, all of Wetherby’s shops are within close walking distance and fit snuggly within the walls of its ancient stone architecture. The snickets and ginnels that cut through the town are lined with a wonderful selection of contemporary boutique shops that offer everything you’d need, from designer clothing to home décor. Azuzu Ladies Fashion have been in Wetherby since the 1980s and still offer the town high street fashion from a family run independent business. For entertaining the little ones, Treasures on Wetherby high street offer wooden toys, craft kits and all the major toys you’d expect from a toy shop. They even have miniature trolleys for the kids to take around the shop, making for an enjoyable shopping experience.