City centre living is increasingly attractive in Leeds. New apartment blocks arose and old buildings were transformed to meet the demand for this social and convenient lifestyle, and now renters can choose between modern builds in the urban buzz or the nearby riversides on all sides of the city. 

But despite the obvious appeal, there were often compromises; small flats, no outside space, restrictions from private landlords, a lack of community – all amplified over the last year by lockdowns, restrictions and the repetitive routine of working from home. Much like the centre itself, now is the time for a new and improved experience; one which upgrades the lifestyle of living in the vibrant city and removes all obstacles. Time to pause your search. Mustard Wharf has arrived; purpose built homes for rent with perks and amenities that takes living in Leeds to extraordinary.

It’s situated on Leeds’ South Bank, an area revitalised in recent years and continuing to grow into an exciting and dynamic urban village. On the one side, canals and rivers intertwine with cafes, bars and restaurants, on the other the city’s new station entrance allows immediate access to this buzzing neighbourhood. It is the perfect location for this community of 1, 2 and 3-bed boutique apartments that provide relaxed comfort and thoughtful extras for its residents.

Not that the residents of Mustard Wharf even need to leave their premises to live their best life. Because there are an abundance of amenities: stylish work-from-home spaces; a state-of-the-art gym to work out; contemporary dining rooms to entertain at; and three glorious roof terraces and courtyard gardens to sunbathe and socialise on whilst taking in the panoramic view of Leeds. 

The community feel is tangible throughout, both within the building, where on site staff provide a friendly concierge-style service and existing residents create an unmatched neighbourhood vibe. Out to the wider city, the on-site team collaborate with local businesses to put on a lively calendar of events for residents. From wellbeing and sustainability through music and comedy to networking and tasting, there are activities and entertainment to suit everybody. 

All of which is without even mentioning the apartments themselves. 1, 2 and 3-beds are available to rent, and all are crafted with style and expertise from interior designers, and packed with high-quality appliances and bespoke furniture. Residents can make their apartment their own by decorating to their tastes, and unlike many privately rented homes and central flats, pets are welcomed with a stroke and a smile. With all these things and more, Mustard Wharf is about to make a unique impact on Leeds living; Mustard Wharf – Anything but ordinary.