Over the past month, you may have seen bright and beautiful creations popping up around Hyde Park, and thought to yourself: “what’s it all about?”

Well, if you don’t know already, then we’re here to tell you about it. The project entitled “Colour Hyde Park” comes from the team at the University of Leeds for Sustainability, who had the idea of bringing Leeds’ creative flair to an area much-loved by students and the community. 

They teamed up with local artists in the cities and the community of Hyde Park to help bring a new lease of life into the suburb…


When you think of the Hyde Park streets, there’s red brick, and a lot of it. The Sustainability Team decided that murals on these houses would be a great way to change it up, and the landlords were happy to donate their walls to the cause. 

To decide what murals to create, they ran a competition in February for local Leeds artists to submit their work, and 6 were chosen to have their designs immortalised on a 10 metre wall. 

The winners were Charlotte Brown, Niall Unger, Joy Rooney, Maya Cross Odemudia, Emma Hardaker and Fem Sorcell, who each have stamped their own mark in a corner of Hyde Park.

The Sustainability Team are hoping to do more creations through Hyde Park, with plans to develop Brudenell Primary School with Emma and Fem and hopefully more in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you want to check out where the murals are, you can see this map here which has been designed by The Sustainability Team specially.

Hyde Park, keep on shining bright!