As fast fashion, fast food and fast furniture have encouraged an increasingly throwaway culture, here are four businesses answering our consumption conundrum with high quality and low waste…

Established in 2008, Leeds Community Clothes Exchange (LCCE) is a volunteer run community project encouraging the recycling and exchange of clothing to provide a more ethical alternative to the fast-fashion available on the high-street.

It can be difficult to access sustainably produced clothing, as it isn’t always easily available. The majority of sustainable brands are online based without the option to try-before-you-buy, and are more expensive than the major retailers, which can be off-putting, particularly to people on low incomes.

The aim of LCCE is to provide another option which is accessible and affordable – visitors pay £3 per visit and can swap up to 20 items of pre-loved clothing and accessories. You can expect to find everything from vintage garments and designer pieces to high street basics and handmade delights, in a range of sizes, with all genders catered for.

With fashion consumption fast becoming one of the biggest contributors to environmental damage, it’s important that alternatives become not only more available, but a more attractive prospect.

The rise of Depop, sustainability influencers and vintage styling on the runway means that more people are seeing second-hand fashion as something to aspire to, and LCCE is thrilled to be a part of that! It’s also a much more affordable way to change up your look, and means you can take more risks with your personal style or get the perfect festival outfit without needing to invest a lot

 of money. Swapping won’t solve the problems of the fashion industry, but it’s an achievable step to reduce the environmental impacts of our wardrobes which doesn’t compromise on style.

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