As a society, we are becoming increasingly more affluent. Although houses are becoming smaller, people are accumulating more and more possessions, with ultimately less space to store them. So, it’s no wonder the self-storage industry has seen a sharp rise in popularity, as space for storage becomes increasingly sought after.

We all know of someone who simply had too much ‘stuff’ to deal with, and desperately needed a self-storage facility. Whether you’re in-between moving houses, moving offices, house-sharing, or storing work equipment, it’s fair to say that none of these circumstances are helped with the added pressure of finding a suitable and cost-effective storage facility.

You’d probably be surprised to know that the UK’s largest self-storage facility is in fact believed to be in our very own Armley. As an independent and family run business, Twenty4 Secure Storage is changing the game of storage with shipping containers. The business began in 2018, and originally had just 20 containers, but due to high demand, they have now expanded to over 250 storage units; with plans to fill the 4-acre site with up to 400 storage units in the not so distant future.

Owner of the site, Khalil Bashir has a career of project management behind him, and has vast experience working for blue chip companies. He was able to use his expertise for the planning and creation of the Twenty4 site.

Khalil worked alongside an architect to design the site; together, they devised a street system, which is so pristine it could easily be compared to a Roman village. The street system divides the numerous rows of steel containers into streets, which are then named after famous streets in Leeds, such as Briggate and Kirkgate – making it easier for visitors to locate their own storage unit.

Accessibility and cleanliness are not often things you would associate with storage facilities, but here, the common struggles you face when using storage facilities have been combatted. Stairs are non-existent here and storage units are accessed at ground level, meaning you’re able to drive and park directly in front of your unit.

The whole site is entirely paved with concrete, which helps keep the site looking immaculate, but also makes it easier for customers storing vehicles such as caravans, motorhomes, and motorbikes.

As well as this site’s intricate layout and meticulous up-keep, here, the emphasis is really put on customer service as well as what is arguably one of the most important elements of storage facilities, security. As the name might suggest, Twenty4 ensure customers have peace of mind with around the clock security. The 4-acre site is entirely lit with flood lighting, and is under 24/7 surveillance with over 30 CCTV cameras, which are manned by a member of staff 24/7.

There are no contracts to sign for the length of time you require, you can hire a storage unit for over a year, or for as little as a week. And giving at least a day’s notice, you can move out as quickly as you’d like.

The meticulous design and construction of Twenty4 shows just how much potential there is for further expansion. Khalil and his family believe the possibilities are endless; if enough interest is shown, they hope to introduce a second storey of office units above the existing storage units. So, watch this space for even more self-storage possibilities. Find out more on their website here.