Cute little Meerkat at Tropical World Leeds

Tropical World Leeds

An unforgettable journey through rainforests, mangroves, deserts and the nocturnal world
Princes Ave, Roundhay Park, Leeds, LS8 2ER
0113 237 0754

The closest many people in Britain get to exotic wildlife is through the bright lights of their TV screens. But Tropical World Leeds, located in Roundhay Park, aims to change that reality by inviting the people of Leeds to visit the UK’s second largest collection of tropical plants and animals.

One of West Yorkshire’s most popular family attractions, Tropical World Leeds offers a unique opportunity to explore habitats that could not be further removed from the bitter cold winds of a typical day in Leeds. With miniature jungles, deserts, nocturnal and aquatic habitats, all with their own distinct plants and animals, there’s wonder literally living and breathing around every corner.