People at Live Art Bistro in Leeds

Live Art Bistro

Irreverent and transgressive performance space
Regent Street, Leeds, LS2 7QA

Live Art Bistro is an artist led venue and curatorial team based in Leeds. Our common goal is to support the growth of Live Art practices in the region by providing space and opportunities to local artists, whilst also encouraging artists from further afield to present work in the city.

Setup in 2012, Live Art Bistro quickly gained international presence as an independent venue offering professional development opportunities to practitioners seeking to take risks and meet new (and often ‘uninitiated’) audiences. Towards the tail end of 2012, LAB was displaced from its central venue in Leeds and began a nomadic approach to programming. Between 2013/14 Live Art Bistro sought out relationships that took the project to some of Leeds’ most cherished venues.

LAB continues to expand its reach and geographic presence, with 2015 seeing various international collaborations being made. Now making use of the recent political energy that followed the Tour De France in Yorkshire, LAB is currently housed in semi permanent space on Regent Street (2 minutes walk from WYP).