Outside of Leeds Central Library, next to Leeds Town Hall

Leeds Central Library

More books than you could possibly imagine
Municipal Buildings, Calverley St, Leeds, LS1 3AB
0113 378 5005

A Grade II listed building built between 1878 and 1884, Leeds Central Library is a public library situated on the Headrow. It houses the city library service’s single largest general lending and reference collection and hosts the Leeds Art Gallery.

The building has four floors, ground level to third, connected by beautifully ornate stone staircases. They pale in comparison to the majesty of the Tiled Hall, however. 80 by 40 feet of tiled oak, ebony and walnut perfection, the Tiled Hall is one of the most enchanting environments to find yourself getting lost in any book- provided you don’t get distracted by the magnificent roof

And if neither of those tickle your fancy, with more books than you could read in a lifetime, Leeds Central Library will definitely have a shelf just for you.