In the centre of Leeds, on the historic street Eastgate opposite the modern shopping centre Victoria Gate, a recent arrival is mixing the old with the new. The origins of Hotham’s dates back to 1638, whilst their story begins here in 2022. In its aesthetics, atmosphere, ethos and experiences, Hotham’s is effortlessly timeless.

Their name is inspired by Sir John Hotham, a 17th century Governor of Hull, who refused King Charles I entry to the city. The tale has it that Hotham’s actions were influenced by King Charles I’s decision to regulate the distilling trade, and that gin-loving Hotham’s defiance sparked the beginnings of the English Civil War. In honour of the courage of this local legend, Emma and Simon set up Hotham’s Gin School and Distillery Bar; what better way to celebrate than with his favourite tipple?

Four centuries later, many of us still agree with his drink of choice. The demand for gin has elevated in recent years, and in particular those looking for handcrafted, traditional, and premium quality. The inspiration for Hotham’s makes them an essential visit for all of the above, with a passion and expertise for the original methods of gin-making and the environment in which to enjoy it.

Having begun their journey in Sir John Hotham’s home city of Hull, where their gin school and distillery have created Hotham’s Original Gin and Hotham’s Cardamom Gin, founders Emma and Simon have replicated and elevated the best of what they do for the lucky people of Leeds. Whether you want to to learn about the history of gin, distill a bottle yourself, or sip on the micro-distillery’s own creations, Hotham’s delivers and impresses.

At the award-winning gin school – including the TripAdvisor ‘2022 Travellers Choice’ – you’ll discover all about the world of gin, the intricacies of Hotham’s and the process of distilling. Then the fun really be-gins, as you get to taste, smell and select your favourite botanicals to create your own unique gin with for that personal palate. And it’s not only about the gin here, as Hotham’s also provide an equally excellent rum school experience.

Even better, at Hotham’s beautiful bar everyone is invited to enjoy their whole range of drinks. Open on a Friday and Saturday evening for all-comers to visit, this is a handsomely executed setting that oozes class. Come on in and choose from a delicious selection of artisan spirits, local craft beers, fine wines and quality cocktails. A treat for couples, friends, families and solos, in an environment that is as is inclusive as it is elegant.

After enjoying a tipple or two here, you’ll be tempted to take a bottle of Hotham’s home too; as well as their original and cardamom core gins, they have also expanded to make Hotham’s Spiced Rum and Hotham’s Orange Botanical Vodka. Plus, proud to keep it local, no Leeds gin-lover can resist a taste of this city in a Hotham’s Leeds Dry Gin. With treats like this, Leeds are delighted that Hotham’s have granted themselves entry to the city.