The bottomless brunch has become a popular phenomenon in recent years. This growing trend of unlimited drinks and servings of food is much loved by all ages and tastes, enjoying a morning meal, a mid-day drink or an afternoon social. Bars and restaurants have been increasingly adding their own character to the bottomless brunch, making for an array of options, from prosecco and pancakes to steak and spritz. But, for all the alternatives, there are still a couple of improvements that for many would make the bottomless brunch a whole lot better. Which is exactly what Leeds pizza bar Simpatico have done…

Firstly, let’s face it, unlimited drinking makes a whole lot more sense in the late afternoon and early evening than it does in the morning. Whether it’s after work, post shopping, pre theatre, or before a night out, the flow of drinks is surely a welcome way to wind down or rev up at the end, rather than the beginning, of the day. Secondly, whilst the ‘bottomless’ tag is very much honoured by the drinks, it is rare to find a brunch which also offers ‘bottomless’ food. For those responsible enough to balance the booze with unlimited eating, or for those of us greedy enough to not want to stop, we’d rather like it all to be bottomless please.

With all of that in mind, Simpatico are introducing their ultimate version of the bottomless brunch, with unlimited food and drink, every Saturday, from 4pm to 6pm. And not only are they filling the aforementioned gaps in the market, they are filling our bellies with their usual high quality pizza and Italian booze, a combination perfect for the relaxed vibes and social sharing of the occasion.

Indeed, the Simpatico menu is ideal for this set up. Specialising in authentic Roman Pizza al Taglio, this translates to ‘pizza by the cut’, and is a specific method of tray bake from 1950s Rome, where it remains the most popular street food today. The result is a lighter and more digestible pizza, served by the rectangular slice, with a selection of sumptuous toppings.

It is always a hard choice of what not to get when ordering a Simpatico slice or two for lunch, and now, as the bottomless pizza keeps on coming, we get to try them all! There are traditional Roman classics and inventive Yorkshire favourites, including ‘The Full English’ and ‘Yorkshire Pudding Pizza’. It’s fun without losing any of the authenticity, and it caters for everybody, from traditionalists to innovators, and from meat-eaters to vegans. And as if that weren’t enough, Simpatico will already have served up an antipasto platter board for starters…

The generosity continues into the drinks, with a bottomless array of exceptional and authentic Italian alcohol. It’s the real deal, no imitations, just the good stuff. Yes, prosecco is on the list for that proper bottomless feeling, and there are other options too, including a refreshing Aperol Spritz, a sophisticated Italian gin & tonic, and an always welcome bottle of Peroni beer. All enjoyed in their relaxed and refined setting within the beautiful Queens Arcade, this bottomless brunch is undoubtedly worthy of the name Simpatico: ‘likeable and easy to get on with’.

For your chance to indulge in the finest example of a truly bottomless brunch in Leeds, without paying the already reasonable £29.95 per person, click here to enter our competition to win a bottomless brunch for 4 people at Simpatico.