Jo Last of The Domino Club Leeds is somewhat of a cocktail connoisseur, which she has proven by reaching the top ten of a cocktail competition run by Jack Daniels entitled “Tenessee Calling 2” – which gives the chance of Northern bartenders to travel to the big smoke and make their cocktail one of the most famous New York cocktail bars.

Her drink creation entitled “The Cool Smoke”, though inspired by the heritage of Tennessee and her travels around Europe, is rather representative of The Domino. You can tell when drinking that Jo has put a bit of the place she loves in there – which makes it all the more exciting that it has the potential to go stateside.

The ingredients of The Cool Smoke:
40ml old no.7 Jack Daniels
15ml of Smoked Martini
25ml cucumber skin cordial
1 dash pickling liquor
1 dash peychaud bitters
Egg white
Olive crumb

“In America they use a lot of pickles in drinks, whereas us in England use a lot of cucumber and we waste the skin. I wanted to create something that stops us wasting things – which is why I created the cucumber skin cordial as a special ingredient. I also picked the Olive Crumb as it looks like charcoal, and Jack Daniels filter their whiskey through charcoal.”

Each of the components of Jo’s cocktail have some relevance. Whether it be in relation to the heritage of Jack Daniels or just for environmental reasons – there is thought that has gone into every ingredient, and even in the way she has gone about promoting herself.

When researching about the brand she managed to relate it back to herself. She said: “When I was doing research about Jack Daniels I found out that they launched and developed in their little hometown of Tennessee and before the brand just took off and became internationally renowned. For this competition I was trying to do that as well, promote myself in my hometown of Leeds and hopefully get massive too.”

The top ten finalists (including Josh Davies of The Headonist) will be judged next week and narrowed down to the chosen three, who will work a shift at The Dead Rabbit in New York the following week none the less!

“I would love to win and be able to take this bar to America. I’m doing it for me, for The Domino and for Leeds.”