Vegan food has risen through the last few years to an unrecognisable presence in several ways. No longer a one option afterthought in a world full of meat, vegan now occupies its own menu and has its own restaurants; it fills supermarket aisles and opens shops; it writes books and gets airtime; it demands respect and spreads positivity; and, perhaps most importantly, it tastes damn good! 

As much as the ethics of veganism is at its core, for the movement towards plant based food to have happened, and to continue to accelerate, the quality is vital. Whether it’s people turning fully vegan, or eating vegan occasionally, or just trying it out, there are now many delicious choices, from junk food and sweets to home cooked and healthy. In Leeds, whilst restaurants are outdoors and seating is limited, the demand remains high. So, to know where to go for a sit out or a take out, here are some great vegan food places open now. 


With a tagline that says ‘vegan for the animals, not the waistline’, you can be sure what you’re getting into at Mog’s. Yep, it’s naughty and it’s indulgent, but it’s worth it! We’re talking donut burgers and dirty fries, ‘chicken’ dinners and spicy kebabs, churros and ‘cheese’cakes… but far from ready meal misery, these recipes are fresh, local and a treat to take away. 

Lux Vegan Cakes

Only recently has vegan baking elevated itself beyond a pale imitation to a sought-after delight. The sweet possibilities are showcased impeccably at Lux, a lovely little place where you can pick up an array of brownies, blondies, cakes and bakes, all happily omitting the dairy without fail. Our new addiction…

Hyde Park Book Club

With a large space for outdoor seating, you can still enjoy a meal out at Hyde Park Book Club day or night. Their meatless menu is all vegetarian and often vegan, whether stopping off for brunch or eating in the evening. The venue’s hip credentials are evident in avocado on sourdough, whilst their tasty results are confirmed in faux rubens and patty melts.

Döner Summer

Before the stylish interior of Döner Summer welcomes us back soon, their food makes for a terrific takeaway. Specialising in everyone’s favourite late nighter, the kebabs here are lifted to delicious regret-free new heights. The classic Berlin, the northern chick’n’parm, and the loaded fries are all filled with fabulous flavours and an inviting vegan vibrancy.  

JJ’s Vish & Chips

Another unexpected reinvention of vegan food is the the great British fish and chips. Hard to imagine before trying, but a triumphant interpretation when you do! JJ’s create the traditional chip shop experience of mushy peas, curry sauce, pop and scraps, with the vegan twist of vish and chips, tofish, battered sosage and scam-pi. Your new chippy dinner.

Knaves Kitchen

Operating out of Call Lane’s long-standing bar Oporto, Knaves Kitchen cooks up hugely satisfying vegan food which can currently be scranned in their street seating area. There’s spicy and smoked seitan hotdog, there’s waffle fries and there’s devil’s cake. For anyone who still thinks that vegan food doesn’t pack a punch…


Images: JJ’s Vish & Chips, Lux Vegan Cakes, Döner Summer