With Easter just gone, you might think that it is time to stop eating sweet things. Well honey, you’re wrong! Spring is here, meaning the sun is out and it’s officially acceptable to eat ice cream again without feeling like you’re an eskimo. Everybody is entitled to a treat now and again, especially you, so we’ve picked seven places in Leeds for you to get some feel good pud!


Located in Chapel Allerton (and also currently residing at The Hepworth Cafe in Wakefield), if you’re not aware – House of Koko is an independent tea and coffee house, but also serves some superior desserts. They have a “cake bar” showcasing lots of different flavours and cater for vegans and those who are gluten-free too. So have your cake and eat it! (again and again and again)


Although Almost Famous specialises in providing taste sensations with their wacky burger combinations, there is an amazing creation residing in their dessert menu. This the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich (also known as heaven on earth), which beware: is piled as high the sky, but go big or go home right? They also do ‘boozy shakes’ that are amaaazing.


Is it socially acceptable to go to a restaurant just for dessert? Who knows, but you should. The desserts from Kendell’s are DEFINITELY worth the trip. The French bistro serves up an amazing array of traditional desserts such as Creme Brûlée and Tarte’s, as well as plenty of other puds for the perfect comfort food this winter.


Pancakes don’t have to only be eaten on Pancake Day, and Blinok Pancake House in Guiseley shows you exactly why. They offer a huge of toppings, flavours and combinations for you to choose from – so you can eat pancakes to your hearts content!


Blinok does em thin, but Laynes does em thick! If you’re in need of a sweet treat come breakfast, lunch or afternoon then you need to get to Laynes Espresso by the train station and try their puds. With amazing pancakes and numerous cakes from Porterhouse Cake Co to enjoy, you can definitely get your sweet tooth craved.


Make way for the mother of all desserts, which is donuts from Temple Coffee. They have an amazingly huge range of donuts that are suitable for both vegans and non-vegans… so many different flavours to choose from! They also have launched a collaboration with Northern Bloc ice cream, in which they serve you up amazing ice cream donut sandwich… heavenly!