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Please check out our recommendations ranging from big to niche happenings. Please be aware this a selection of what’s on in Leeds not a definitive event list...

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Leeds Carnival Weekender 2019

Tue 18th June | 5.49am
With plenty of music acts 

Mint Festival Warm up Terrace Party

Tue 18th June | 5.49am
Mint Festival is fast approaching

Soul Funk Masters

Tue 18th June | 5.49am
A night of old school funk, and soul from various era's 

Rejuvenation Summer All Dayer 2019

Tue 18th June | 5.49am
All day party at the Beaver Works 

Black Parade- 00’s Emo Anthems

Tue 18th June | 5.49am
UK'S biggest Emo Night

Brutus Gold’s Love Train- Open Air Summer Disco Party

Tue 18th June | 5.49am
One of the most popular club nights in the city’s history will return to Leeds

Horse Meat Disco (Leeds Pride 2019 Special)

Tue 18th June | 5.49am
Following a fun day of parading and flag waving, join HiFi for a night of queer disco anthems with the reigning kings of LGBT dance music culture.

Bongo’s Bingo Leeds

Tue 18th June | 5.49am
All the fun of bingo with a party twist

The Sunday Joint

Tue 18th June | 5.49am
Leeds' best free music party, still going strong after 25 years.

L/it Ibiza Takeover Sunday Terrace Party

Tue 18th June | 5.49am
L/IT Ibiza Takeover's iconic Sunday terrace parties

Power Shack

Tue 18th June | 5.49am
An evening of hard house and trance

Smirnoff Big Night Out: James Hype UK Tour

Tue 18th June | 5.49am
James Hype brings the party to Pryzm 


Tue 18th June | 5.49am
A Day and Night party taking place as club mission
Interior of Church Leeds

Soak Present FAC51 The Hacienda

Tue 18th June | 5.49am
FAC 51 The Hacienda & Soak continue their run of events with the fourth in a series of special shows, back at Church Leeds

Spangle – LGBTQ Disco

Tue 18th June | 5.49am
Spangle is a monthly, old fashioned, very friendly disco for anyone who identifies as LGBTQ
An image of independent club Hifi in Leeds

The Sunday Joint x LCoM

Tue 18th June | 5.49am
HiFi's legendary club night for the past 25 years...

Groovy Shoes – Ep 1: Pilot

Tue 18th June | 5.49am
Come join our resident drag queen, Miss Lambrini Von Damn, for a night full of glitter, rainbows, and the best damn bands in Leeds!
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