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Please check out our recommendations ranging from big to niche happenings. Please be aware this a selection of what’s on in Leeds not a definitive event list...

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Monarchs – George III

Tue 7th April | 1.12am
At the court of the 'Mad King'

Sunday gun firings

Tue 7th April | 1.12am
Live firings of historic artillery pieces
Knights fighting at the Royal Armouries in Leeds

International Jousting Tournament

Tue 7th April | 1.12am
One of the greatest spectacles in Yorkshire – authentic jousting in the heart of Leeds.

A Day of Knights

Tue 7th April | 1.12am
Come and spend half a day with the Royal Armouries team of knights as they prepare for our big Easter Tournament.

Lost Leeds: Windows on Time

Tue 7th April | 1.12am
Discover views of Leeds long lost with a photography archive exhibition
The outside of the old Tetley brewery in Leeds

South Bank Reinvented

Tue 7th April | 1.12am
Join Leeds Walking Tours on a discovery of the Southbank

Roll up, roll up: Leeds, a trading city

Tue 7th April | 1.12am
A walk that takes you from hand-made cloth to high-end fashion

Teddy Pendergrass: If You Don’t Know Me

Tue 7th April | 1.12am
A documentary exploring the rise of Teddy Pendergrass, the first male African American artist to record five consecutive platinum albums against the backdrop of 1960s America.
Outside of Thackary Medical Museum in Leeds

Junior CSI

Tue 7th April | 1.12am
Calling all investigators! A crime has been committed. Can you help us solve it?

Warrior Day

Tue 7th April | 1.12am
Warrior Crafts and Object Handling....

Colonizin in Reverse: Celebrating Caribbean Culture

Tue 7th April | 1.12am
Bringing the library to life after hours through an evening of colour and creativity celebrating the explosive impact of Caribbean culture

Women in Faith

Tue 7th April | 1.12am
An exciting opportunity to hear from speakers and take part in debates and discussions surrounding women in faith communities

Sex and the City of Leeds

Tue 7th April | 1.12am
In this fascinating talk, Dr Kate Lister and Basis Sex Work Project invite you to explore the hidden history of sex in the city of Leeds.

Classic Film Club at The Palace Picture House

Tue 7th April | 1.12am
Join us in our beautiful 1920's cinema in the heart of Leeds Industrial Museum for a series of Classic films...

Yorkshire’s first female doctor

Tue 7th April | 1.12am
Join Vine Pemberton Joss to hear about Dr Edith Pechey and how she came to be the first women doctor in Leeds and Yorkshire.

Parliament and the First World War

Tue 7th April | 1.12am
Through this fascinating exhibition, on loan from the Parliamentary Archives, you will be able to explore documents, paintings and objects which demonstrate the profound changes in Parliament
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