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Please check out our recommendations ranging from big to niche happenings. Please be aware this a selection of what’s on in Leeds not a definitive event list...

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Sex and the City of Leeds

Fri 18th January | 7.52pm
In this fascinating talk, Dr Kate Lister and Basis Sex Work Project invite you to explore the hidden history of sex in the city of Leeds.

The Impact of the First World War on Women’s Lives

Fri 18th January | 7.52pm
This talk by Professor Alison Fell will look at a range of examples of women from different backgrounds to consider the impact of war service on women’s lives in the 1920s and 1930s.

Classic Film Club at The Palace Picture House

Fri 18th January | 7.52pm
Join us in our beautiful 1920's cinema in the heart of Leeds Industrial Museum for a series of Classic films...

Yorkshire’s first female doctor

Fri 18th January | 7.52pm
Join Vine Pemberton Joss to hear about Dr Edith Pechey and how she came to be the first women doctor in Leeds and Yorkshire.

Parliament and the First World War

Fri 18th January | 7.52pm
Through this fascinating exhibition, on loan from the Parliamentary Archives, you will be able to explore documents, paintings and objects which demonstrate the profound changes in Parliament
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