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Please check out our recommendations ranging from big to niche happenings. Please be aware this a selection of what’s on in Leeds not a definitive event list...

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Coffee school

Tue 16th July | 3.00pm
A coffee making workshop 

Cafe Psychologique – Acceptance

Tue 16th July | 3.00pm
Breaking the stigma

Leeds International Beer Festival

Tue 16th July | 3.00pm
An annual four day festival in the heart of Leeds

Whisky Tasting at VGC

Tue 16th July | 3.00pm
A range of different whisky's to taste

Motown Party

Tue 16th July | 3.00pm
In love with Motown?

LS6 Beer Festival

Tue 16th July | 3.00pm
The LS6 Beer Festival returns for 2019 with four sessions of beer, food and music across three days.

Leeds Indie Food Festival

Tue 16th July | 3.00pm
May marks the 5th annual Leeds Indie Food event, showcasing the diversity in Leeds' independent food scene
Inside of Leeds Corn Exchange

Leeds Gin Fair

Tue 16th July | 3.00pm
Leeds' very own celebration of gin

Groovy Shoes – Ep 1: Pilot

Tue 16th July | 3.00pm
Come join our resident drag queen, Miss Lambrini Von Damn, for a night full of glitter, rainbows, and the best damn bands in Leeds!

Guide to Whisky

Tue 16th July | 3.00pm
If you like whisky, have a burgeoning curiosity or want to refresh your knowledge then the TWL Guide To Whisky is perfect.

Drink and Do – Embroidery Hoop Printing

Tue 16th July | 3.00pm
We’ve come up with a once a month crafting session for all those who would prefer to make and drink at the same time...

Sharing Saturdays at Sheaf Street

Tue 16th July | 3.00pm
Every Saturday at Sheaf St we'll be offering you the perfect setting to start your weekend with 'Sharing Saturdays'.
The outside of historic venue Leeds Town Hall

The Gin and Rum Festival

Tue 16th July | 3.00pm
The UK's largest Gin & Rum Festival tour is coming to Leeds!
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