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Please check out our recommendations ranging from big to niche happenings. Please be aware this a selection of what’s on in Leeds not a definitive event list...

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Coffee school

Sat 22nd February | 3.49am
A coffee making workshop 

Leeds Indie Food Festival

Sat 22nd February | 3.49am
May marks the 5th annual Leeds Indie Food event, showcasing the diversity in Leeds' independent food scene
Studio space at East Street Arts in Leeds

Short Course for Adults: Making Art in the Gallery

Sat 22nd February | 3.49am
East Street Arts delivers an adult learning programme and offers a series of short creative courses throughout the year. 
The outside of the old Tetley brewery in Leeds

South Bank Reinvented

Sat 22nd February | 3.49am
Join Leeds Walking Tours on a discovery of the Southbank

Coaching in the Workplace

Sat 22nd February | 3.49am
A four day workshop teaching you skills to make your workplace more productive

Warrior Day

Sat 22nd February | 3.49am
Warrior Crafts and Object Handling....

Life Drawing with Rob Oldfield

Sat 22nd February | 3.49am
Join us in our monthly life drawing class with Gallery favourite, experienced artist and tutor, Rob Oldfield.

Colonizin in Reverse: Celebrating Caribbean Culture

Sat 22nd February | 3.49am
Bringing the library to life after hours through an evening of colour and creativity celebrating the explosive impact of Caribbean culture

Fern & Moss Terrarium Workshop

Sat 22nd February | 3.49am
Welcome to the March instalment of our Fern & Moss Terrarium Workshop!

Decorative Marbled Easter Egg Workshop

Sat 22nd February | 3.49am
With Easter approaching why not add some colourful decoration to your home?

Steps to Self Love with Zakia

Sat 22nd February | 3.49am
A workshop on mindfulness, reflection and healing to spring clean your soul.

Recycled Jewellery Making Class

Sat 22nd February | 3.49am
Bring along your broken jewellery or vintage treasures and learn how to recycle them into something new

Big Chat on Mental Health

Sat 22nd February | 3.49am
Leeds Health and Care Academy is bringing together organisations working in the health and care sectors to collaborate on a range of workforce issues.

Falling into the Mystery with Zahir Khan

Sat 22nd February | 3.49am
Who are you, what do you want, who could you possibly be?

Wedding Open Day

Sat 22nd February | 3.49am
Following the launch of the Civil Wedding and Partnership Ceremony licence at The Tetley, they are hosting a wedding open day event

Edible Christmas Art for the Under 5’s

Sat 22nd February | 3.49am
Create edible artworks in this craft session for under 5s and their carers!

Spoon Carving Workshop

Sat 22nd February | 3.49am
Come and join Whittle Works in North Star Coffee Shop for an afternoon of spoon carving, delicious treats and coffee.

Mango the Meerkat’s Magical Christmas

Sat 22nd February | 3.49am
Mango the meerkat is calling for Little Helpers to bring the magic of Christmas to Tropical World!
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