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Please check out our recommendations ranging from big to niche happenings. Please be aware this a selection of what’s on in Leeds not a definitive event list...

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Cafe Psychologique – Acceptance

Wed 8th April | 5.16am
Breaking the stigma

The Grade Cricketer Live

Wed 8th April | 5.16am
Fresh from their chart-topping podcast, a series of hit books, a TV show and an Australian tour, the trio are now bringing their wares to the stages of England.

Speed Dating for 20’s and 30’s

Wed 8th April | 5.16am
4 minutes to chat with each person before moving to the next

Roll up, roll up: Leeds, a trading city

Wed 8th April | 5.16am
A walk that takes you from hand-made cloth to high-end fashion

Coaching in the Workplace

Wed 8th April | 5.16am
A four day workshop teaching you skills to make your workplace more productive

Rachel Reeves: Women of Westminster

Wed 8th April | 5.16am
Join us at Sunny Bank Mills in the gallery for an evening with Rachel Reeves during her book tour

Colonizin in Reverse: Celebrating Caribbean Culture

Wed 8th April | 5.16am
Bringing the library to life after hours through an evening of colour and creativity celebrating the explosive impact of Caribbean culture

Steps to Self Love with Zakia

Wed 8th April | 5.16am
A workshop on mindfulness, reflection and healing to spring clean your soul.

Big Chat on Mental Health

Wed 8th April | 5.16am
Leeds Health and Care Academy is bringing together organisations working in the health and care sectors to collaborate on a range of workforce issues.

Falling into the Mystery with Zahir Khan

Wed 8th April | 5.16am
Who are you, what do you want, who could you possibly be?

Women in Faith

Wed 8th April | 5.16am
An exciting opportunity to hear from speakers and take part in debates and discussions surrounding women in faith communities

Sex and the City of Leeds

Wed 8th April | 5.16am
In this fascinating talk, Dr Kate Lister and Basis Sex Work Project invite you to explore the hidden history of sex in the city of Leeds.

Nine Pints

Wed 8th April | 5.16am

Yorkshire’s first female doctor

Wed 8th April | 5.16am
Join Vine Pemberton Joss to hear about Dr Edith Pechey and how she came to be the first women doctor in Leeds and Yorkshire.
A team picture of the Yorkshire Cricket Club in the 19th Century

Game Taken Seriously: Yorkshire Cricket in the 19th Century

Wed 8th April | 5.16am
Drawing on his two recent books, Jeremy Lonsdale will talk about how cricket grew in Yorkshire in the 19th century, tracing the story from the opening of the first purpose-built commercial ground in Sheffield in 1822
Capture from the documentary unfrozen: reports from the ice

Unfrozen: reports from the ice

Wed 8th April | 5.16am
What is happening to the world's ice? Find out at Howard Assembly Room this October
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