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Please check out our recommendations ranging from big to niche happenings. Please be aware this a selection of what’s on in Leeds not a definitive event list...

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Chapel Allerton Arts Festival – UBUNYE

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
This young and vibrant group of Zulu performers

Kill for a Seat Comedy – Dan Nightingale and Harriet Dyer

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
Great comedians plus special guests

Kill for a Seat Comedy – Simon Munnery and David Longley

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
Hillarious comedians Simon Munnery and David Longley take to seven arts

RadhaRaman Folk Festival

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
A seraphic recital of semi-classical Vaishnav music at the Seven Arts theatre

Purple Theatre- Boxes

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
A unique show exploring various different themes.

Practically Theatre – I Got Lost and Found Another Game Show!

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
A theatre company working with performers with disabilities 

Cafe Psychologique – Acceptance

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
Breaking the stigma

JazzLeeds Festival – Jazz Film Night

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
Jazz Film night with Richard Turner ‘A life in music” and George Melly ‘The Certainty of Hazard’

JazzLeeds Festival – Jazz Cafe with the B.D.Lenz Trio

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
A Leeds Jazz Festival fringe event

Murder Inc

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
The show is a wholly improvised crime story.

Seven Live – Fuzzy Jones

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
Unique artist Fuzzy Jones takes to the stage 

Lullabies for Parents

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
Lullabies for Parents is a new theatre show with songs.

Super Trooper Improv Comedy

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
Totally improvised games and sketches

Jazz in the Courtyard – Panyard Jazz with Dudley Nesbit

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
Panyard Jazz with Dudley Nesbit and the JazzLeeds Trio.

Decorative Marbled Easter Egg Workshop

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
With Easter approaching why not add some colourful decoration to your home?

Steps to Self Love with Zakia

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
A workshop on mindfulness, reflection and healing to spring clean your soul.

Caution! Collective

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
Caution! Collective was founded by musical director Christella Litras in 2007, when she returned to Leeds after completing a tour of the Caribbean with the musical Carnival Messiah...
Picture of Lucy Zirins ahead of her performance in Leeds

JazzLeeds – Lucy Zirins Blues Band

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
Singer-songwriter Lucy Zirins hails from Burnley in Lancashire. Gigging regularly at 16, and with visits to Italy and France under her belt by the time she was 18 years old, Lucy picked up the guitar aged 12 after inheriting one from her late Uncle and began songwriting early on.
Retro Funk Disco dance

Soul Seven – Retro Funk Disco

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
Soul Seven – Classic tracks from Motown to stax. If you like dancing but not sure city centre clubbing is what you want this is a perfect alternative. Dance your socks off to Funk, Soul and Motown and and generally good music to dance to. Super chilled…everyone welcome 18 – 80!
Screenshot from the film The Great Social Housing Swindle

Cafe Economique – Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
Screening of the film “Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle” – Followed by a post-film discussion facilitated by Prof Paul Chatterton, Leeds Community Homes and University of Leeds
Snapshot from film Victoria being shown at Screen Seven Leeds

Screen Seven – Victoria & Abdul

Tue 16th July | 3.12pm
The extraordinary true story of an unexpected friendship in the later years of Queen Victoria’s remarkable rule. When Abdul Karim a young clerk, travels from India to participate in the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, he is surprised to find favour with the Queen herself.
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