Leeds has, and will always be, a city that thrives on music. So much of what Leeds is about is supporting music and creating events that will forever be etched in peoples’ minds. You can barely move an inch in Leeds without meeting a musician or a DJ. If you’re a full on music nerd or music lover, Leeds is the place to be.

I’ve worked at BBC Introducing in West Yorkshire since I first moved to Leeds six years ago, so I know firsthand just how much love and passion there is for music across this city. You only need to see how many venues there are across the city and how many DIY promoters there are to know that the people here cherish everything about music.

You’ve got Music:Leeds, a brand new organisation based on supporting all things music in Leeds & across Yorkshire. You’ve got Come Play With Me, a non-profit label that puts out only local artists on vinyl. You’ve got venues like Brudenell, The Wardrobe, Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, Wharf Chambers and so many more that do everything they can to put on the best local talent Leeds has to offer.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been blown away by the music we get sent in our uploader. It honestly baffles me how much talent we have in such a small place, with such little ego about it too. Graft, our winner of the Rap Game UK is from Leeds, Cole LC, Prospa found their sound in Leeds and there are so many more acts that you need to get to know: English Teacher, Shauna, Laeeqa to name a few.

Whether you’re a raver who spends most nights at Old Red Bus Station or Distrikt, or an indie lover that wants to find the next big thing at Oporto, or just someone who loves everything about music and wants to be surrounded by cool, like-minded people at Brudenell or Belgrave, you will find your home in Leeds.


Images: Old Red Bus Station, Distrikt, Brudenell Social Club