As another year goes on, we are blessed with another Unity Day at Hyde Park. Our friend Nigel @unevenedits headed along to capture some sweet moments for us from the much-loved festival that took place on 22nd July.

Unity is a free festival located in LS6 that aims to bring together different communities and highlight the amazing diversity in our city. The event is voluntary led and fundraised throughout the year – hundreds of bands, artists and performers also play for free to make the event go a success.

“What started Unity Day?” you may ask, well the event started in an attempt to break the negative stereotypes that were “attached to the community in LS6. In 1995 the area lost the ‘Newlands’ pub as a result of rioting, which created a negative stigma which was heavily enforced in national media coverage. The first Unity Day took place in 1996 in an attempt to bring a bit of positivity back to the area and celebrate all that is good in the community, and boy did it work.

The aims of Unity Day are to unit the community by providing an opportunity to highlight the positive aspects of living, working and studying in Hyde Park, as well as demonstrating the strength of the community through voluntary involvement.

Thanks to these unsung heroes, each year we now get to experience a variety of talent, and each year the event just seems to get bigger and bigger.

Though the original task of breaking the negative stereotypes in regards to Hyde Park is complete, Unity Day is something that will continue, to showcase the excellence of the people in Leeds and celebrate what we have overcome.