In a city as vibrant and diverse as Leeds, it can sometimes be difficult to take in all that’s going on across the city. Whether it’s famous outings or unique entertainment, there’s so much on offer that many of us don’t know where to begin. This guide to a selection of fun activities in and around Leeds showcases the vast array of amazing places to go and great things to do, whilst reminding you to give them, and dozens more, a visit! 

To the north of Leeds, Harewood House is easy to get to and harder to prise yourself away from. For this country estate offers enjoyment in a wealth of ways for a range of ages. The house itself is serious stuff, built in the 1760s and filled with magnificent architecture, incredible interiors, and awesome artefacts. 

Beyond the art and grandeur awaits enormous fun with endless attractions: there’s a rare and exotic bird garden that has kept penguins for over thirty years, and which visitors are invited to feed; there’s an adventure playground to climb, slide and swing in, plus ample outside space for a run around, a ramble, or a rest. 

Not as far in the same direction, Leeds’ most famous park is a sprawling spectacular space that rewards repeated visits. Roundhay Park is exceptional at all that you’d want, with large greenery, playground, tennis courts, stream and cafe. But that’s not the half of it, as there’s also a skate park, lakes, specialist gardens, canoeing, a land train, The Mansion, a golf course and several sports pitches, including football, rugby and cricket. At 700 acres, this is a vast place to fill, but clearly packs plenty in! 

Roundhay Park also hosts an eclectic range of events, from regular activities to one-off extravaganzas. There are weekly clubs and classes, cycles and runs, meetings and markets, plus Leeds’ biggest bonfire night, and some giant offerings of food festivals, open air theatre, triathlons and music concerts. Pretty sure there’s something for everyone in all that, both on a regular day trip and a special occasion!

The piece de resistance at Roundhay Park is an attraction in its own right: Tropical World. This exotic collection of tropical plants and animals makes for a wondrous trip for children and adults alike, stepping into a different world, or at least continent!  The wildlife park homes meerkats, butterflies, fish, crocodiles, snakes, monkeys and more, as you travel between aquarium, rainforest and desert in a journey unlike any other in Leeds. 

Over on the south side of the city centre sits a strong looking and serious sounding place, which actually provides a whole lot of fun in a unique day out. Royal Armouries Museum is primarily an exhibition of arms and armour, with a collection highly regarded by aficionados and of intrigue to newcomers of all ages. From there, it takes left and right turns in the events that are on… As well as talks and shows that delve deeper into weapons and war, there are exhibits that take visitors into other dimensions! 

We’ll end this blog slightly off-piste, because we all know that one of the funnest activities to do in Leeds is getting piste (responsibly, of course). And now, the city caters for doing just that whilst doubling the fun with actual activities! Roxy’s trio of bars lead the way with bar games such as shuffleboard, bowling and beer pong, but this shout out goes to Junkyard Golf, where your drinks are accompanied by a round of truly crazy golf, for a truly fun time.