Emma Saynor

Graphic designer
I am an graphic designer and illustrator working in Accessible Information Design and living in Leeds.

I went to Leeds College of Art in 2009 and quickly Leeds became my home. I’m still here, going to gigs and trying new food, but if I’m honest most of the time I hide out at home making, drawing or crafting.

I am drawn to design that matters and work around social change. Graphic Agitation Volume 2 is my favourite book of images. Nothing makes me happier than sharing an idea or message visually as a designer or viewing/reading work where another designer is sharing an idea or message with me. Because of this I strive to make simple, clear and communicative work that everyone can understand. This is part of what has led me to work in Accessible Information Design.

Outside of my practice as a designer I play guitar and sing in an electro/rock band, and my need to say things (whether anyone wants to listen or not) has another outlet.

I have also been involved in a number of community projects, like the Kirkstall Art Trail and spent a few years teaching 3D arts classes with people with learning disabilities.